About Gudiant Financial Group

Founded in 2003, the Bellevue, Washington-based Guidant Financial Group specializes in small business financing as well as real estate IRA and self-directed IRA accounts. Although the company specializes in all of these areas, its main focus is on small business financing with retirement funds. Rather than searching for traditional financing for small businesses, franchises, and entrepreneur start-ups, Guidant Financial allows clients to use up to 100 percent of their IRA’s, 401k’s, and a variety of other retirement accounts to fund business ventures.

Guidant’s iFinance product allows people to avoid taking out small business loans by using their retirement funds to finance a new business. Through the process of buying stocks in their newly formed business, clients do not have taxable distributions that they must take. Small business financing with iFinance essentially allows clients to mix personal funds and capital from other investors with their retirement funds. In many cases involving business partners, this financing structure can prove quite beneficial.

Guidant also places considerable focus on real estate IRA’s. Guidant’s iDirect real estate IRA enables clients to use their retirement accounts to fund a variety of real estate-related investments, such as tax liens, foreclosures, personal loans, raw land, rental properties, commercial properties, foreign properties, and much more.

The company also offers other self-directed IRA accounts, such as gold IRA accounts, and they are well-known for providing clients with a broad focus of alternative investments within the retirement accounts of their clients. This allows clients to benefit from potentially more lucrative investments without incurring costly tax penalties.

Although Guidant Financial has been in business for ten years, there have been a few complaints about Guidant Financial in recent years, including three complaints listed with the Better Business Bureau. This may give some cause for concern. Also, with a concerted focus on small business funding and real estate investing through alternative IRA and 401k investments, Guidant’s scope may be a little too broad for those simply interested in gold IRA accounts. Of course, your own due diligence will tell you all you need to know about Guidant Financial, but other companies that focus specifically on gold IRA accounts and steady returns for retirement purposes may be better suited for your gold IRA/401k needs.