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Birch Gold Group

The worldwide economy is a topsy-turvy place. With the dollar the weakest it has been in years, many people are wanting an investment that is a bit more solid. These consumers are looking at gold and precious metals, items that will keep their value even in an economic downturn. There are many companies that offer gold and precious metal purchasing services, including rolling over a 401k in to an Individual Retirement Plan. With so many companies popping up, seemingly overnight, how does a person separate the good from the bad?

Birch Gold group is one of these companies. The group offers services that range from investing in previous metals like gold, to being stewards over a 401k IRA rollover. The funds from this would be used to invest in gold, silver, and other precious metals. This activity would only happen at the IRA holders’ request, with the funds being directed to the area the customer wants to invest.

Better Business Bureau

Birch Gold Group BBB

0 complaints closed with BBB since March 10, 2013

One of the oldest customers for consumer advocacy is the BBB. This organization has been around, in one form or another, since the early 20th Century. However, not all is always right with the Better Business Bureau. Birch Gold Group currently holds an A+ rating along with an accreditation. The BBB states that to become accredited, a company has to be held up to the highest standards of the organization. No company can reach an A+ grade without being accredited. This sounds like a good system and one that won’t let any but the best companies be awarded the highest grade.

However, the reality of this is a big different. A company has to fill out paperwork and pay a fee to become an accredited company. Any company can do this and be able to list the “Accredited by the BBB” badge on their website. To reach both the A+ rating and accreditation, Birch Gold Group went through the same process as every other company. They paid for a badge that makes the group look a bit more legitimate.

Lack of Information

Trust Link

Business Consumer Alliance

Total: 0 complaints

Other than the BBB and the Business Consumer Alliance, there isn’t much information about Birch Gold Group on the internet. One site lists a few positive reviews, but these are few and far between. There are no negative reviews at all, including forum posts of consumers just talking about the company. This is a bit curious since any modern-day company leaves an information trail on the internet. The fact it is hard to find anything about Birch Gold Company and that should give any investor pause.

Why is no information bad? It shows one of three things about Birch Gold Group. One is the company might be a new kid on the scene. This is never good in terms of investing, because they could give bad advice. The second thing is the company could have changed the name from another company. This could be to hide a past that isn’t that spectacular. The third thing is that the company could’ve hired a firm to basically wipe the bad information about it off the net, through paying money and other means.

On the other Hand

The high-grade on the BBB and BCA websites indicates the company isn’t all-bad. Some people inside the Birch Gold Group care enough about the customers to help them. One site has several five-star reviews of the company, indicating that some consumers really like the business. There are no negative reviews of the business either. When looking on the Internet, this could mean that the business is so good that people just don’t want to complain about it. Birch Gold Group seems to have a reputation that would make any consumer take a second look.

The Last Word

A few five-star reviews and A+ rating from obvious sources aren’t enough to recommend the company. With a lack of information, there isn’t enough to make a positive assessment of the company. It is like there is a hole on the Internet as far as this company is concerned. We are living in the age of digital; this means that without a proper information trail, a company should not be trusted. Too many companies are offering the same services with more information about their true reputation on the internet.

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