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We recommend doing your due diligence before just choosing any company. We have read so many reviews of clients being ripped off and going with just any company that has terrible reviews and even committed fraud. Please investigate thoroughly before making your decision. Check out a few more reviews before you start the rollover process.

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Blanchard and Company

The gold and precious metals market is booming. With an economy that is less than stable, many consumers are looking in to something a bit more solid than the typical digital transactions. Many companies offer services to roll over 401(k) funds in to an Individual Retirement Account to help fund gold investment. They also offer to purchase the gold, be it bullion, coins, or other gold products, for the owner of the IRA. Blanchard and Company is one of the many businesses that offer these services. Is this a company that should be used or should it be passed for another?

Better Business Bureau

Blanchard and Company BBB
16 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Business Consumer Alliance

Total: 0 complaints

Long seen as the grandpa of protection agencies, the Better Business Bureau has a history of being a consumer watchdog. Each company on the site is graded between A+ and F, with a chance of accreditation at the A+ grade. There is also a complaint board so that consumers can file their own complaints against the company.

Blanchard and Company have an A+ rating through the BBB and are an accredited company. However, there is a caveat to that accreditation. To become an accredited company with the BBB, a business has to pay a certain fee. Only companies that are accredited can have an A+ rating. This brings in to doubt the whole BBB system since it seems to have a pay for advancement element. In addition, there are sixteen complaints aimed at Blanchard and Company in the last three years, with a good chunk of the complaints aimed at advertising and sales issues. Other complaints discuss the service of the company, billing and collecting issues, and delivery issues.

Ripoff Report

On this consumer review site, there are several complaints lodged against Blanchard and Company. These complaints range from bilking uninformed consumers out of money to overcharging for the gold that the company sells.

The old proverb is for the buyer to beware when dealing with sales and unknown companies. However, in this digital age it is good for a company to help educate the consumer. If the consumer isn’t happy, there is a good chance that unhappiness will be spread across the internet. When a customer of Blanchard and Company was told to buy a certain amount of silver coins for twenty-four hundred dollars, he assumed the associate knew best. Unfortunately, when the customer tried to sell the coins back to Blanchard and company, he offered below half of what he paid. Upon further investigation with other companies, the customer found out his coins was never worth what he was charged.

Another customer complains about the same treatment. When he was new to the gold coin market, he used Blanchard and Company as his first real transaction. The associate for the company asked if the customer had purchased gold coins before. After saying no, the associate led him to pay a high premium for coins that weren’t worth the money paid. After gaining some experience, the customer wrote Blanchard and Company several letters about his treatment. The company never responded.

A shining example

However, many reviews and consumer chatter praise Blanchard and Company for their services. One customer gives the company five out of five stars and calls it the best business of its kind in the industry. Another consumer claims to have dealt with nothing but honest associates with the company, people who helped her make the right financial investments. These and other examples show that Blanchard and Company isn’t always a business that should be distrusted. They have treated many people well and shown their investment advice to be trustworthy. With such a strong reputation, it is hard not to consider the company for future transactions.

Not all that Glitters is gold

These positive reviews shouldn’t push a person to use Blanchard and Company without investigation and research. With the amount of negative comments on the various consumer sites, a consumer should pause before using the company. In this age of information, finding out all that a company has to offer before using it is relatively easy and recommended. It is not recommended to use a company based on a few positive reviews.

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