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CheckBook IRA

The recent trend in the worldwide economy is rather bleak. There are spikes in the markets around the globe, but the general trend is a downward spiral. This is forcing many to rethink their investments and start to desire something a bit more solid. Because of this, companies offering investment in gold and precious metals are currently booming. Checkbook IRA, LLC is a company that offers both the buying of gold and the rolling over of a 401(k) to an Individual Retirement account. Many companies in the industry offer these options so what makes Checkbook IRA, LLC different?

What is in a Name?

The name of the company refers to a style of managing an IRA. A checkbook IRA is also known as a Self Directed IRA. This means the owner of the plan invests the Individual Retirement Plan funds. All the decisions made with a Self Directed IRA, good or bad, are the responsibility of the plan owner. When a company like Checkbook IRA LLC is named after a commonly used slang for a Self Directed IRA, it should make a person pause.
However, in this age of the internet, this specific string of words seems to be nothing more than an attempt to lure the less knowledgeable to the company. A person searching for the definition of Checkbook IRA LLC might hit on the company website. The website does promise to answer all the questions related to a checkbook/Self Directed IRA, but it also subtly suggests this is the only company to offer such services. This person without any real prior knowledge of the industry might think they could only go through this one company for these services, instead of looking around and checking other websites and companies for a better deal.

World Wide Anonymity

Searching for reviews of the site on the web reveals next to nothing.

Better Business Bureau

CheckBook IRA BBB

0 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 0 closed in last 12 months
Outside of an accredited status with the Better business Bureau, this company seems not to have any positive or negative reviews or complaints attached to it. This is odd, since the company purports to have been in business since 2004. The only positive reviews that can be found are from the Checkbook IRA LLC website itself. When a website has a series of reviews that don’t seem to link to any real industry or consumer site, there is a bit of doubt that settles in to the mind.

It can be positive

This doesn’t mean the company is bad. This lack of web presence, either way, could be a sign that the company is so good that no one really likes to set up reviews. There are three good reviews to be found about the company through a website called Trustlink. These three reviews show that the company has a stellar service record and claims that people should use the company for all their gold buying and IRA rollover needs. This, at least, is confirmation that someone has used the company for the service that they are advertising.

Don’t be Hasty

However, there is a reason to be cautions. One is the almost total lack of information about the company on the internet. There doesn’t seem to be any forum posts of average people talking about the company or many positive/negative reviews of the company. Any company that has been in operation for over a decade should have some trail left for it on the internet. This company doesn’t and that is worrisome.

Which Company Do We Recommend?

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