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We recommend doing your due diligence before just choosing any company. We have read so many reviews of clients being ripped off and going with just any company that has terrible reviews and even committed fraud. Please investigate thoroughly before making your decision. Check out a few more reviews before you start the rollover process.

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The perils of the worldwide economy are known to any that have more than a vested interest in staying in the black. Many investments are on a roller coaster ride, the stocks involved going up and down with every turn of economic news. The idea of investing in something that is more stable is an idea that many have. Because of that, companies have been cropping up that focus on investing in gold, precious metals, and gold based rollover of Individual Retirement accounts.

Fidelity has been in the investment business for sixty years. The offer all kinds of investment opportunities, but have not always had the best advice for their clients. With the gold and precious metals market booming, is Fidelity the right source for investing in gold and rolling over gold IRAs? The Internet can help find this out and see if Fidelity is the company it claims to be.

Better business Bureau

This Business is not BBB accredited

155 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 59 closed in last 12 months

The BBB has been around since the early 20th century. Many use the organization as a baseline for trusting businesses and nonprofit organizations. The BBB has a grading system that goes from A to F, but also has a way to file complaints. These complaints can be found on the website of the BBB. Fidelity currently has a grade of A+ on the site, which doesn’t seem like it would be a bad grade. However, the company also isn’t an affiliated member of the BBB. This means that the Better Business Bureau doesn’t consider Fidelity up to the complete standards of the organization. In addition, the complaints filed say much about the company. There are over 155 complaints filed, with the majority of complaints centering on problems with the product and service. Although the company seems to be held by the BBB in high regard, the number of complaints seems to differ.


The complaints on Scambook user review site show a company that isn’t interested in helping their customers. One customer has over 20 years with the company, yet recent changes have made it seem like his opinion isn’t wanted. The customer has a 401k that has been with the company since 1992. Recently they stopped sending him the usual quarterly statements he has always received. After complaining about the oversight, Fidelity finally sent the customer his statement. To his shock, the company had invested his money in to items they did not ask him about nor inform him about the change. The customer ended up with a $38.000 loss on the money through the company.

Complaint Board

This user review and complaint website has a variety of complaints against Fidelity Investments. These complaints range from the typical poor service complaint to a customer saying the company destroyed his stock shares without his consent. The poor service comes from a customer complaining about how the company will take money and move it around between different services, all the while charging fees on the money. It seems after requesting the money he was owed, the company continued to transfer his money while telling the customer it would take a certain amount of days to finally get it. After sixty days, the customer finally got his money minus the fees they charge.

Another customer bought a vast amount of stocks through Fidelity. When the stocks tanked, the customer decided to keep the stocks in case they were ever worth anything again. Eventually the stocks were worth a bit more than the price the customer had bought them. He decided to sell the stocks and recoup his investment. Unfortunately, Fidelity had shredded the stocks without the customers input. Despite this being the fault of the company, they would not pay for the now worthless stocks.

All isn’t Bad

Fidelity is a company that has been around since the mid 20th century. Many of the staff knows how the world of investments works. Around the web, many people support the company and would recommend others use the business. This shows that Fidelity can be trusted to do the job they are hired to do in many cases. With a company as old and with such a great reputation as fidelity, it is no wonder that people don’t think before using them to process thousands and millions of dollars in investing.

The World Changes

However, many of the complaints have been within the last five years. Unfortunately, even a company with a storied history can come on hard times. It seems that whoever is leading Fidelity now isn’t concerned about the customers that use the company. Sometimes a business can become too big for its own good. Fidelity may have reached that level.

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