Merit Gold Company Review

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Merit Gold Company Review

The economy is currently in extreme flux. Some markets are up one day and down the next. This isn’t just in the USA, but it is a situation that is familiar to those all over the world. Because of this, many people have started to invest something a bit more solid than digital or paper money. Gold investment firms have popped up all over the country in the last decade, promising dreams and stability to all who use their services. Unfortunately, not all companies are alike in their service or products.

Merit Gold has been in business since the mid 1980’s. They have a website that purports to share a lot of information with the customer. In fact, one can go the site and learn a great deal about gold, gold IRA rollovers, and precious metal investing. However, the experience of years and the overwhelming amount of data can hide the true intent of a company. Does Merit Gold deserve a first look? With so many consumer oriented websites on the World Wide Web, one doesn’t have to look far to find out this information.

The Complaint Board

This consumer driven company review site doesn’t list many complaints about Merit Gold, but one it does list shows off the true nature of the company. The customer called up Merit Gold after seeing an internet advertisement. Despite his misgivings, the sales associate talked the customer in to buying a type of coin he didn’t really want. The sales associate said he had seven days to return the purchase. After two weeks, the customer received the coins and proceeded to a shop to see the real value of the product. When the value came up less than what he was promised on the phone, the customer called Merit Gold back for a refund. The company stated that the seven days was up, despite the customer only receiving the product the day before. Merit Gold assumed the seven days was in the two weeks that the product was being sent to the customer. He was not happy and never did receive a refund.

Business Consumer Alliance

Total: 53 complaints

As a top Southern California consumer, advocate group, the Business Consumer Alliance helps to separate the good companies from the bad. Using both rigorous standards and consumer complaints, the BCA helps sort good companies from the bad. Merit Gold is a member of the BCA but has over 53 complaints filed through the organization. These complaints range from service oriented issues to problems with the actual product and service that is the meat and potatoes of the Merit Gold company.

In the gold investing industry, often orders are delayed. The way a company handles delay shows the true nature of their service. One consumer could not get Merit Gold to answer his emails or phone calls even after repeated inquires. Eventually the product was sent to the customer, after two months of delays and no actual response. There is more than one complaint following this same pattern: Orders are delayed and there is no response from the company as to why the order is delayed. Another customer decided he didn’t want the order, so he called within the seven-day time limit to return the order. Merit Gold refused to honor their own policy until the customer started posting on sites like the BCA.

Ripoff Report

This site has seven complaints filed since 2011. These complaints cover the same ground of the previous websites, including service oriented issues and issues with the actual shipped product. One customer authorized a $65,000 investment, wanting to turn his money in to gold bars and coins. He also sent an IRA to review in case he wanted to roll it over. The customer has been waiting a month and hasn’t received any of the products promised. Merit Gold also tried to start the IRA rollover without his permission, when he just wanted the IRA reviewed. Luckily, Merit Gold submitted the wrong paperwork for this action and the customer’s existing broker was able to stop the process.

Although Merit Gold has a major presence on the internet, one customer complaint revolves around the company not paying attention to orders placed on the Internet. The customer states there is a place to submit orders on the website, but orders placed through this method are accepted through the whim of the company.

Better Business Bureau

No BBB Rating for Merit Gold or Merit Financial

Not all is Bad

There are websites that laud Merit Gold as one of the best gold investment and IRA Rollover companies out there. Comments range from people not having any issues with their service to being burned by other companies before using Merit Gold. These are positive indicators that not all is bad with the company. Many will use it without a hitch, finding a home for their gold and precious metal investments and purchases.

Final Thoughts

The overwhelming number of complaints on the internet should make a consumer pause. With so many gold and gold IRA rollover companies around, it is in the consumer’s best interest to be meticulous. From the complaints listed, Merit Gold seems to have a problem with treating people with respect and delay of product. There is also some issues with trying to pull half-truths over on the unsuspecting. A company that can’t be trusted shouldn’t be trusted with the amount of money investing typically involves. It would be best to investigate the company further before using it, or avoid Merit Gold entirely.

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