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Morgan Gold

The market for gold is booming right now. With the worldwide economy on a downward slide, many consumers are investing in gold to have some type of tangible assets. There has been a lot of worry and strife in the financial sectors over the last decade. Many companies have started to take advantage of this by offering gold investment and gold based IRA rollovers. Morgan Gold is a company that promises to help all those interested in options with sound financial planning and experience to back up the claim.

Is that what Morgan Gold is about? Despite the advertisements over the air and on the website, one can’t help but wonder if the company is telling the truth. Scouring websites belonging to the Business Consumer Alliance, The Ripoff Report, and others will show if Morgan Gold is what it advertises or if it is hiding a darker side.

Business Consumer Alliance

Total: 5 complaints

The Business Consumer Alliance is an organization that watches over the consumers in Southern California. Morgan Gold has a good amount of complaints against it through the site. These complaints range from the company not keeping to their end of the contract and not paying fees, to false and misleading advertising. One consumer states that Morgan Gold hasn’t refunded his money for the first year storage fees. This means that the customer had to pay out-of-pocket what Morgan Gold had agreed to pay. This issue was eventually settled, but Morgan Gold made a contract that the company didn’t initially abide by.

Another customer had the funds he rolled over from his IRA cut short. He gave them $30,000 dollars to buy gold and other items. They only spent $19,200 on the actual items. After requesting a refund for his money, Morgan Gold waffled for two years before actually making an effort to refund the money. The customer still hasn’t received his refund.

Better Business Bureau

Morgan Gold  BBB

1 complaint closed with BBB since March 10, 2013

Despite the A+ rating and accreditation that Morgan Gold receives through the BBB, The company still has complaints on file. The main complaint has to do with the service that the company provides. This is in line with the other complaints found online, showing that the company has an issue with sticking to the contract and fulfilling the orders that are placed. This helps create a bit of doubt when a consumer first looks in to the company. The BBB has its own share of controversy and complaints as well. This should lead a consumer to question the results that the company claims to have. Especially when a company like Morgan Gold has an A+ rating.

It isn’t all bad

Morgan Gold isn’t necessarily a bad company. As noted above, the company does hold an accreditation and an A+ rating with The Better Business Bureau. This proves that the company is up to par with the standards that the BBB tries to enforce. Sites like Trustlink give the company five out of five starts, with five consumer reviews praising the company. There are many other positive comments regarding Morgan Gold, including those that laud the company as the best in the business. This type of information can’t be overlooked and must be taken in to account when investigating a new company.

The Final Thought

Not all gold and gold IRA companies are created the same. Morgan Gold does have a good reputation among a certain group of people, but many of the complaints show the reputation isn’t always deserved. A consumer has to be careful when looking for a new opportunity to invest and research each company well before deciding on which one to use. Morgan Gold has many pros, but there are many cons as well. This should lead to hesitation on the part of the consumer. With as much money as Morgan Gold handles, the complaints through the various websites and on the Internet are substantial. Regardless of what company a customer finally settles on, Morgan Gold is one that should be investigated fully before using.

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