Sterling Trust Company Review

Sterling Trust Company

Sterling Trust is one of the new breed of companies in the gold investment and gold IRA rollover industry. These companies have grown large in the last decade, due to the rocky worldwide economy and people wanting to invest in something a bit more stable. With the upswing of gold investment, these companies seem to be appearing at an expanded rate. Not all companies are bad, but many should be avoided. Sterling Trust is fighting for the attention of consumers, so it has to be asked: Is Sterling Trust a good company for investment? All signs points towards yes.

Better Business Bureau

One of the oldest consumer advocacy organizations, the BBB, has a list of companies that can be researched online. Anyone can type the name of the company in to the website, look up the rating the BBB gives, and see how it stacks up to the other companies.

Currently, there are a few complaints listed on the BBB against Sterling-Trust. The Better Business Bureau shows that these cases have been opened and closed in the past few years. The fact that there are no new cases open should give consumers hope. This shows that Sterling Trust is finding those who complain, working with them on an individual level. Every closed case is a case that the company has dealt with in a positive manner.

Although Sterling Trust doesn’t have a perfect score, this isn’t necessarily a bad point. With a B- rating, the company is still above average. Although this keeps the company from true accreditation, the Better Business Bureau isn’t always known for rating companies accurately. The grading scale the BBB uses can often be slow to reflect changes. If a company has an increased in positive responses, the website might not reflect this change. It is best to look at other websites to find out what consumers are really saying about Sterling Trust.

Reviews and Internet Gold Buying guides

Many guides focusing on individuals entering the gold selling industry love Sterling Trust. One guide points out that the company has many services that help the average gold buying consumer. These services include online access to all self-managed accounts. There are also many features that are pointed out by the Buying Guide, including many that show Sterling Trust in a positive light. These include Tax Benefits, Reduced Market Risk and Diversified Portfolios. All these positives point to a company that puts the customers first, with an eye towards continuing to grow their own service. Sterling Trust is a company that comes highly recommended by many.

Although some buying guides and websites point a little bad mixed in the good, these reports should be taken lightly. Every company has negative reviews. However, an honest buying guide has to point out that there are a few negative reviews of Sterling Trust on the internet. Although these reviews might turn off some consumers, these guides recommends calling up the company and speaking to an associate in person. This should help mitigate any worries that come from reading these reviews. The buying guide’s review should help show that Sterling Trust isn’t just another gold selling company, but one that has a good reputation. Since Sterling Trust has a long history of helping consumers, it is easy to disregard these reviews as nothing but disgruntled consumers.

Trust Link

Sterling Trust has made a good name for itself in the industry. Many people are happy with the service and have used them for years. These positive reviews and results can be found around the internet, including a consumer review site called TrustLink. Many people are overjoyed and satisfied with the service. Sterling Trust has a dedicated staff that isn’t willing to use or abuse the customers. With many positive reviews and some examples of good conduct, Sterling Trust is winning over the negative perception that many have of the company. With a staff that obviously cares for each consumer, this company should at least be researched for future use.

What’s in a Name?

This is a company that can be trusted. It is a sterling example of how a gold buying and IRA rollover business should work. Although there are some black marks on Sterling Trust’s record, the company shows willingness to contact customers and resolve disputes. There are many websites that show Sterling Trust in a positive light and many customers that swear by the company.

The name Sterling Trust brings to mind a company that has a great reputation. Although there are some negative reviews of this business, it doesn’t mean that customers should shy away from using it. The key to understanding this company is to call them up and talk to an associate about every concern. The employees are quick to answer questions and want to do their best to help every customer understand the gold selling and IRA rollover industry. With this in mind, Sterling Trust is building a bridge between the customer and the seller. Although this is one of many companies in the industry, Sterling Trust is earning the respect of many.

However, before giving any company a large sum of money, they should be researched and investigated. Other companies offer similar services with a better grasp of the economics of the world. These companies should be compared to Sterling Trust, to see what is good and what is bad. Sterling Trust is a good company, but that doesn’t mean they will fill the niche interest of each person.

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